Abigail Shetter
Abigail Shetter
Height: 5'4"
Year: Fr
Hometown: Mattoon, Wis.
High School: Homeschool
Major: Nursing
Minor: Biblical Counseling
PR: 32:13 - 2019 Tom Hoffman Invitational (6K)


What emoji represents you?

"The coffee mug or dish of ice cream - no explanation needed"

Three things you need to survive?

"The library, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and a nap."

Claim to fame/hidden talent?

"I traveled to Bolivia at 14 years old."

If you came with a warning label, what would yours say?

"Warning: Becomes slightly eccentric if running on less than five hours of sleep."

Good leaders are (fill in the blank)?

"Looking after teammates before themselves."

Why MBU?

"I'm enjoying getting to know teammates, classmates, and my teachers as well as learning from them."

Best part about being on your team is...?

"My team is energetic and helps me to push myself as a runner."

Funniest person on your team?

"That depends on how tired we are."

Who is one person at MBU that has impacted you the most as a leader?

"Probably my friend, Leah. She helped me when I became discouraged. She encourages me to get out of my comfort zone."