Anna Rossiter
Anna Rossiter
Height: 5'7"
Year: Sr
Hometown: Everett, Wash.
High School: Homeschool
Major: Nursing
Minor: -
PR: 28:09 - 2018 WPCC (6K)

2018 Results

  • 23:47 (5K) - NCCAA Nationals (28th)
  • 28:09 (6K) - Wisconsin Private College Championships (49th)
  • 23:33 (5K) - Bethel Invitational (154th)
  • 29:02 (6K) - Warrior Invitational (46th)
  • 31:07 (6K) - Ken Weidt Classic (30th)

2017 Results

  • 22:50 (5K) - NCCAA Nationals (PR) (24th)
  • 31:03 (6K) - Oshkosh Open (29th)
  • 31:06 (6K) - Wisconsin Private College Championships (57th)
  • 28:28 (6K) - Warrior Invitational (69th)
  • 24:51 (5K) - Olde English Classic (21st)
  • 24:28 (5K) - Faith Invitational (7th)


What emoji represents you?

"Yikes emoji - because I'm always backing out of trouble"

Three things you need to survive?

"Coffee, Bible, Husband"

Claim to fame/hidden talent?

"I've lived in Asia for a year working in several villages"

Pet peeve?

"People cracking their knuckles"

Good leaders are (fill in the blank)?


Describe MBU in three words:

"Go. Serve. Lead."

Why MBU?

"I like the size of the school and the caring, investing heart of the staff and faculty."

Best part about being on your team is...?

"The encouragement"

Funniest person on your team?


Who is one person at MBU that has impacted you the most as a leader?

"Amanda Verley"