Fast Start

Fast Start

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- With an emphatic first-match performance, Maranatha has swept Pensacola to open the 2020 DII NCCAA National Tournament in style.

The Sabercats will conclude pool play tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. against #4 Randall University to determine the placement for Friday's semifinal and championship.


  • Results: #1 Maranatha 3-0 #7 Pensacola (25-8, 25-15, 25-14)
  • Venue: Davis Field House, Bob Jones University
  • Location: Greenville, S.C.
  • Attendance: 73
  • Records: MBU (19-3), PCC (8-10)


This was the first-ever matchup between Maranatha and Pensacola, and with a 16-2 run to open the match, the Sabercats announced right away that their aim was to establish dominance. Pensacola called for a breather when it was 18-4 in the first set, but it just prolonged their inevitable doom as the Sabercats took a 25-8 win to start the tournament with a flourish.

The Eagles surprised the Sabercats in the second set by pulling out to a feisty 11-10 lead, and after the dominating first-set performance, the Sabercats were instantly reminded of the challenges of Nationals. But a couple of big swings from Claire Hansel and some determined defense swung the momentum back in the other direction. After the initial scare, the Sabercats took the second set 25-15 and were on the brink of a quick day's work.

Maranatha kept the pressure firmly on Pensacola, whose organization eventually began to fold under the tireless pressure of the top-seeded team in the country. Hansel, Mattie Bumpus, and Caitrin Kemlo kept the Eagles under submission with their strong attacks, Emily Johnson kept everything well orchestrated, and the Sabercats completed their opening statement on the first day of the tournament with plenty of room to breathe. After a well-rounded performance in the opening match, Maranatha had swept Pensacola with ease to open the 2020 NCCAA DII National Tournament.

MBU Starters: 3- Johnson, 4- Hansel, 8- Bumpus, 11- Ureke (L), 14- Kemlo, 22- Miller, 23- Anderson


  • Hansel, Johnson, Bumpus: 5 K each
  • Kemlo, Liberty Bailey4 K each
  • Hansel, Bailey, Bumpus: 2 solo blocks each
  • Johnson: 8 Aces
  • MBU: Attacked at 46.2 percent - their best mark since the opening match of the season
  • Series: This was the first-ever matchup between Maranatha and Pensacola


The Sabercats take on #4 Randall University tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. Eastern. Follow at

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