Perfect Seven

Photo credit: Lauren Stoner
Photo credit: Lauren Stoner

DUBUQUE, Iowa -- It didn't take long for the Sabercats to get what they came for, as they swept Emmaus Bible College for a seventh straight sweep.

The win marks the eighth win in a row, as the Sabercats finish October with an 8-1 record and are now 17-1 in their last 18 matches.


  • Result: Maranatha 3-0 Emmaus (25-6, 25-12, 25-15)
  • Venue: Pollard Field House, Emmaus Bible College
  • Location: Dubuque, Iowa
  • Attendance: 111
  • Record: MBU (18-3), EBC (10-10)


They way Maranatha started the match removed all hope for the Eagles, so it seemed, as MBU swung at a clip better than .500 to post a 25-6 win in the opening set.

After that emphatic opening statement, the Sabercats rolled to the win, taking just under an hour to do so. 25-12 and 25-15 wins in the final two frames made it a quick and tidy afternoon for Maranatha, and they conclude the season going undefeated in NCCAA North Region competition.

Claire Hansel led the swinging with 11 kills while Gabrielle Carpenter logged seven. The Johnson Sisters had 15 assists each and combined for 11 kills, and McKenzie Janke did her usual janitorial work with 12 digs on the day.

As tournament hosts, the Sabercats are primed and ready for a repeat of the NCCAA North Region title, and they have overwhelming momentum as the postseason approaches.

MBU Starters: 4- Hansel, 7- Janke, 9- Johnson, 10- Johnson, 17- Carpenter, 22- Ureke, 24- Rueb


  • Hansel: 11 kills
  • Karley Johnson, Kelsey Johnson15 assists each
  • Janke: 12 digs 
  • Last year: Maranatha swept Emmaus at home
  • Series: Maranatha leads the all-time series 8-1


  • Emmaus competes with the Sabercats for the NCCAA North Region
  • Emmaus and Maranatha met in the NCCAA DII National Semifinal last year
  • Emmaus was 4-2 at home coming into today


The Sabercats will conclude the regular season with a four-match weekend at Wisconsin Lutheran College next Friday. The matches will begin at 3:00 p.m. Follow at

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