Victory Lap

Photo credit: BJU Communications
Photo credit: BJU Communications

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- The Sabercats concluded their season with a rematch of the 2017 NCCAA 3rd-place game against #3 Randall, and it couldn't have ended any better for the Blue and Gold.

The team shattered their season-high points total on the second-best best shooting performance in program history, Kelsey Johnson broke 1,000 career points, and MBU took home an 89-44 win - their highest points total since 2010.

  • Result: #4 Maranatha 89-44 #3 Randall
  • Venue: Davis Field House, Bob Jones University
  • Location: Greenville, S.C.
  • Attendance: 415
  • Records: MBU (19-7), RU (20-10)

The Sabercats couldn't miss in the first quarter, as they lit up the scoreboard for 27 points - tying their highest total for a single quarter this year. MBU also shot at a rate of 73 percent while limiting their Southwest Region opponents to nine points through the opening 10 minutes. Trisha Wright made the most of her start by scoring 11 first-half points, and Johnson led all scorers with 13 points going into the halftime break.

The Sabercats were completely dominant in the first half, as they were just four points shy of their season-best total for a single half. Wright, Johnson, and Callie Morrison (10 points) were all in double figures, and with the way the Sabercats were playing, the second half was going to be a victory lap.


The final 20 minutes was just a timeframe to enjoy the performance, the season, and the milestones that the Sabercats set in their last game. Wright went on to set a career-high of 20 points, Johnson tied her career-high of 27, and it was the first game this season that the Sabercats have sent three student-athletes in the 20-points range.

MBU nearly scored 20 in all four quarters, and when the final horn sounded, the Sabercats had a resounding 45-point win to conclude a record-setting season.


MBU Starters: 3-Morrison, 4-Wright, 12-Johnson, 13-Johnson, 32-Simpson // RU Starters: 3-Austin, 11-Anderson, 13-King, 15-Ezekiel, 35-Hoffman

  • Johnson: passes 1,000 career points and ties her career-high of 27
  • Morrison: 19 straight games in double figures, fifth game with 20 points or more
  • Wright: career-high 20 points
  • MBU: most points since November 2010
  • MBU: second-best shooting performance in program history (.600)
  • Last time: Randall beat Maranatha 66-38 at the 2017 NCCAA National Tournament
  • Series: Series is now tied 1-1

  • Randall qualified for the tournament after finishing as the Southwest Region runner-up
  • Randall held a 12-3 NCCAA record coming into the tournament
  • RU finished 3rd place at the 2017 tournament, where they beat Maranatha in the 3rd-place game

The Sabercats have concluded a memorable season in which they set a program record of 13 straight wins. A full recap of the season will be forthcoming at

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