David Williams
David Williams
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Year: Sr
Hometown: Land O' Lakes, Fla.
High School: Land O' Lakes Christian
Major: Pastoral Studies
Minor: Greek
PR: 30:47 - 2017 Wisconsin Private College Championships

2018 Results (8K)

  • 32:12 - NCCAA Nationals (25th)
  • 31:25 - Wisconsin Private College Championships (49th)
  • 31:48 - Bethel Invitational (86th)
  • 32:02 - Warrior Invitational (43rd)
  • 33:09 - Ken Weidt Classic (21st)

2017 Results (8K)

  • 30:52 - NCCAA Nationals (20th)
  • 32:45 - Oshkosh Open (33rd)
  • 30:47 - Wisconsin Private College Championships (PR) (38th)
  • 32:18 - Warrior Invitational (72nd)
  • 35:31 - Olde English Classic (31st)
  • 33:49 - Faith Baptist Invite (6th)

Why MBU?

"Family, quality education, staff members that are caring"

Gameday ritual?

"Sometimes I take a nap before races"

Go-to gameday food?

"Pancakes and nutella"

Career Plans?

"I plan on pursuing a career in ministry and the Air Force as a combat controller"

Funniest Teammate?

"Cameron Rankin"

Best part about your team?

"Being part of a family that cares"

Best study spot on campus?

"On the quad under some trees"

Favorite part about MBU outside of sports?

"Work; I have an awesome boss that invites his workers over for pizza"

Favorite 3 fac/staff?

"Isaiah Oetken - pizza, games, family"

"Isaiah Steinbart - his dog, he is hilarious"

"Taylor Pill - he runs with me in cold weather"

Favorite attribute of your coach?

"He is faster than all the other people on his team"