Bereft Barrage

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Dobson
Photo credit: Kaitlyn Dobson

WATERTOWN, Wis. -- The Sabercatst pummeled Great Lakes with shots on Parents' Day, but after double overtime, the Crusaders had stolen a tie.

Zeke Steuerwald put the Sabercats on the board at the end of the first half, but a surprising second-half goal from Great Lakes was enough to leave the two teams even at the end of the day.


  • Result: Maranatha 1-1 Great Lakes (2OT)
  • Venue: Maranatha Baptist University
  • Location: Watertown, Wis.
  • Attendance: 75
  • Record: MBU (3-6-1), GLCC (1-5-1)


The Sabercats piled the pressure on the Crusaders in the first half, rifling off 15 shots in the opening 45 minutes. Kyle Cummins forced a noteworthy save from Alexzander Walker in the Crusader goal, but the Sabercats were held scoreless until the first half was almost over.

When the goal came, it was from the right foot of Steuerwald, who found space at the top of the box and fired a deflected shot into the right corner. Finally, the Sabercats' barrage of shots had been rewarded.

After the halftime break and the Parents' Day recognitions, the Sabercats resumed the attacking-style play from the first half. But against the run of play, the Crusaders stole an equalizer in the 62nd minute. 

The Sabercats created chances at the other end to get the game-winner they felt they deserved. Braeden Hansel fired two long shots that were just off the target, but the Crusaders' score stood at the end of 90 minutes. Sudden-death overtime was next.

With the game on the line, the Sabercats were the only team to register shots in the golden-goal periods. Steuerwald came closest with a hard-hit shot from the right side of the box, but Walker kept it out.

At the end of 110 frustrating minutes, the Sabercats had left without losing, but the tie will feel like a loss after their dominant performance.

MBU Starters: 1- Kinzler (C), 2- T. Holloway, 3- K. Elms, 4- Roer (C), 5- J. Elms, 9- Wright, 11- Cummins, 12- Steuerwald (C), 14- MacDonald, 21- Hansel, 22- Hugg


  • Shot count: Maranatha 32-3 Great Lakes
  • Cummins: five shots on goal
  • Steuerwald: 14th career goal
  • Last time: Maranatha won 3-1 in the 2020 season-opener
  • Series: Maranatha now leads the series 17-0-1


  • Great Lakes competes in the NCCAA Mideast Region
  • GLCC finished last season with a 1-17 record


The Sabercats will host Faith Baptist on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Find gameday details at

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