Two for the Show

Two for the Show


WATERTOWN, Wis. -- After a slow start, the Sabercats kicked into gear and left Dayspring in the dust inside the MBU gym tonight.

Maranatha had five student-athletes in double figures in the win, as MBU is establishing a pattern of balanced team performances.


  • Result: Maranatha 95-56 Dayspring
  • Venue: Maranatha Baptist University
  • Location: Watertown, Wis.
  • Attendance: 213
  • Record: MBU (6-9)


It was a slow start for the Sabercats - maybe it was the start of the new semester. Maybe it was the pressure from Dayspring. Maybe it was just one of the nights. Either way, the Sabercats shook off the slow start and began to pull away at the end of the half. Stephen Wilkerson led the way with 11 points for MBU, and Aaron Sanders pitched in eight points of his own to bolster the cause. 

The Sabercats were rewarded for the efforts with a 44-29 halftime lead, which included a 54-percent shooting performance from the Blue and Gold. Maranatha out-rebounded Dayspring 26-15 in the opening half and the Sabercats were finally looking to be in the driver's seat going into the locker room.

The second half saw a variety of student-athletes contribute to the big win. Caleb Moultrie added another seven points to bring his game total to 13, Josh Davis added six points to make it 10 on the night, and Matthew Harris brought the crowd to their feet with a swished three-pointer inside of the final two minutes. 

The win was never in doubt for Maranatha, who will look to double up the Eagles next Tuesday when they make the short trip down to Northern Illinois.


MBU Starters: 2- Ball, 3- Mayhak, 4- Steuerwald 5- Sanders, 23- Wilkerson 


  • Wilkerson: 18 PTS, 10 REB
  • Taylor Ball: 15 PTS, 5 REB
  • Moultrie: 13 PTS, 7 REB
  • Sanders: 10 PTS, 5 AST
  • Davis: 10 PTS, 8 REB
  • MBU: 52% FG
  • Last year: The Sabercats beat Dayspring twice
  • Series: Maranatha now leads the all-time series 11-1


  • Dayspring is not affiliated with any major association


The Sabercats will have the weekend off before traveling to Dayspring on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Find details at

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