No Way Back

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Dobson
Photo credit: Kaitlyn Dobson


MANITOWOC, Wis. -- The Sabercats couldn't offset their slow start tonight, falling 68-84 at Holy Family College.

Taylor Ball put up a career-high 20 points and Aaron Sanders notched 19, but the Sabercats still took their second straight loss.


  • Result: Maranatha 68-84 Holy Family
  • Venue: UW-Manitowoc Fieldhouse
  • Location: Manitowoc, Wis.
  • Attendance: 54
  • Records: MBU (3-7), HFC (9-10)


The Lakers were in the zone coming into the game, as this would ultimately be their third straight win and their fifth win from their last six games.

The hosts stifled the Sabercats right out of the gate, forcing turnovers left and right to jump out to an insurmountable 20-1 lead. Caleb Moultrie finally stopped the bleeding with a jumper five minutes into the game, but at that point, it seemed like the game was already decided.

Once Moultrie's jumper connected, the Sabercats would actually outscore the Lakers the rest of the way, but that rocky start turned out to be the Sabercats' undoing.

Sanders kept the Sabercats alive with 12 points in the first half and Ball added a dozen of his own in the second, and Moultrie led the bench with six points on the night. On the flip side, the Lakers had a strong night from their starters, as four of their starting five hit double figures on the night to mark the win in style.


MBU Starters: 2- Ball, 3- Mayhak, 4- Steuerwald 5- Sanders, 23- Wilkerson 


  • Ball: 20 PTS (career-high), 7 REB
  • Sanders: 19 PTS, 6 REB
  • Stephen Wilkerson: 12 PTS, 4 REB
  • MBU: 26 turnovers
  • Last year: The Lakers won twice last season
  • Series: Holy Family now leads the all-time series 6-4


  • Holy Family competes in the NAIA DII as an independent
  • Holy Family has now won five of their last six games
  • Holy Family finished last season with a record of 10-19


The Sabercats will travel to Lincoln Christian Unvirsity for Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. Stay updated at

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