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Photo credit: Kaitlyn Dobson
Photo credit: Kaitlyn Dobson

LAKE ZURICH, Ill. -- Zeke Steuerwald was feeling it tonight.

Behind the sophomore's career-high 17 points, the Sabercats cruised to a 70-52 win over Dayspring Bible College. MBU went into halftime ahead 37-21 and finished the job with another 33 points in the second half.

David Lerma pitched in 13 points of his own while Justin Blake put up 11, which is his highest mark this season.  


MBU Starters: 3-Book, 15-Lerma, 22-Sonnenberg, 23-Wilkerson, 35-Gill // DBC Starters: 3-Herriman, 4-Matillano, 22-Horring, 23-Julian, 30-Getty

"We ended up playing pretty well," said Coach Keith Salscheider. "We started off a little slow, and Dayspring is a tough place to play - they play hard and they feed off the crowd's energy. We ended up playing pretty well, and we have a game tomorrow and Saturday that we have to get ready for."

  • Result: Maranatha 70-52 Dayspring
  • Venue: Quentin Road Bible Church
  • Location: Lake Zurich, Ill.
  • Attendance: 102
  • Records: MBU (6-7), DBC (3-3)

  • Last year: MBU beat Dayspring at home and on the road
  • Series: MBU leads the series, 10-1

  • Dayspring hadn't played a game since December 6, when they lost to Moody Bible Institute
  • DBC took an 82-55 loss to Trinity Christian College (NCCAA DI) in November

The Sabercats will return home for their second of three consecutive game-days. MBU will face Association Free Lutheran at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. Follow at

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