Stamped at Stampfl

Photo credit: Lauren Stoner
Photo credit: Lauren Stoner


VERONA, Wis. -- The Sabercats competed with the Edgewood College Eagles at Stampfl Field, and MBU could have won the second game with one swing of the bat.

The Sabercats dropped two games to Edgewood, falling 0-5 and 1-5 on a competitive day near the state capital. 


  • Results: MBU 0-5 EC, MBU 1-5 EC
  • Venue: Stampfl Field
  • Location: Verona, Wis.
  • Records: MBU (2-22), EC (9-20)


The Eagles put on a defensive exhibition in the first game of the day, as Branden Cohn pitched a six-hit shutout to lead Edgewood to a 5-0 win.

Dillon Smith hit three singles and went 3-for-3 to lead the Sabercats, and Ryan HempelNate Croswell, and Shane Paruch all hit their way to first base as well. The difference came in the third and fourth innings in game one, as the Eagles compiled five runs in that stretch off of seven hits - two of them triples.


The Sabercats were held to just one hit in the second game, but they made the most of Kyle Cummins' single to score a run in the top of the third inning. 

At the time, that made it a 1-2 game in favor of Edgewood, who went on to score one run in each of their last three at-bats to cement a 10-hit, 5-1 win in the second game of the day.


MBU Batting Order (Game 1) - Hempel (SS), Matheis (1B), Paruch (3B), Bailey (C), Cummins (P), Croswell (2B), Hecker (LF), Smith (RF), Gieger (CF)

MBU Batting Order (Game 2) - Hempel (2B), Causey (SS), Paruch (3B), Bailey (C), Smith (RF), Matheis (LF), Croswell (P), Cummins (1B), Hecker (CF)


(Two-game totals)

  • Smith: 3 H
  • Hempel: H, RBI


  • The Eagles (NCAA DIII) compete in the Northern Athletic Collegiate Conference
  • EC started their season with an 8-game trip to Florida
  • Edgewood has split six different doubleheaders this season
  • Edgewood is in 9th place in the NACC with a 5-11 conference record


The Sabercats will host Trinity International in the final doubleheader of the season Monday at 3:00 p.m. at Washington Park. Follow at

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