Trojan Horse

Photo credit: Lauren Stoner
Photo credit: Lauren Stoner


DEERFIELD, Ill. -- On a warm afternoon in Illinois, the Sabercats were no match for the hard-hitting TIU Trojans.

Trinity International - a team in rhythm after playing 34 games this season - posted 33 hits and 29 runs on the day while holding MBU to just two runs. 


  • Results: MBU 1-20 TIU, MBU 1-9 TIU
  • Venue: Trinity International University
  • Location: Deerfield, Ill.
  • Records: MBU (1-9), TIU (12-22)


The first game may have started well for Maranatha, but the Trojans had the last laugh. And laugh they did.

Maranatha took the lead in the top of the first. when Alex Causey brought home Ryan Hempel. And when the Sabercats promptly retired the top of the TIU order in the bottom of the inning, it looked like the Sabercats could add another entry in the wins column.

But those hopes were soon ended, as Trinity exploded for nine runs through their next two at-bats, then added another 11 runs late in the game. TIU ultimately recorded nine extra-base hits, including three home runs. TIU was solid defensively as well, as they turned a couple of double plays while limiting the Sabercats to just three hits in the contest.


Maranatha upped their hit count to eight in the second game, but the main difference between the two teams was converting hits to runs.

Trinity was unrelenting in their scoring, as they recorded runs in almost every inning of the second game. It was never more than two at a time, as the Trojans slowly built a lead that was too much for the Sabercats to combat. Causey tried to get Maranatha back into the game, as the freshman recorded a couple of hits, but all in all, the Trojans were alert and sharp enough to keep the game well out of reach.


MBU Batting Order (Game 1) - Hempel (SS), Matheis (LF), Causey (P), Bailey (C), Paruch (3B), Cummins (1B), Smith (RF), Hecker (CF), Croswell (2B)

MBU Batting Order (Game 2) - Hempel (2B), Matheis (P), Causey (SS), Bailey (C), Cummins (1B), Paruch (3B), Smith (RF), Hecker (CF), Gieger (LF)


(Two-game totals)

  • Hempel, Clint Matheis, Causey: 2 hits each
  • Rudy Gieger: first career start and hit in the second game
  • Hempel: now on a four-game hitting streak


  • TIU (NAIA, NCCAA) competes in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference
  • Trinity has already played 27 games this calendar year
  • TIU began 2019 with a 10-game trip to Florida
  • Trinity is now 4-3 on their home field this season


The Sabercats will travel to Chicago to take on Illinois Tech tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Follow at

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