Getting There

Getting There


WATERTOWN, Wis. -- Even with a couple of losses in today's doubleheader with North Central University, the Sabercats are showing clear signs of improvement.

The team improved their hit count to 13 for the two-game series, and Jonah Bailey and Ryan Hempel both tagged extra-base hits on a mild day at Washington Park.


  • Results: MBU 3-13 NCU, MBU 0-4 NCU 
  • Venue: Washington Park
  • Location: Watertown, Wis.
  • Records: MBU (0-6), NCU (6-7)


Game one was marked by a couple of offensive explosions from North Central - two charges that the Sabercats never recovered from.

The Rams plowed forward in the second inning, chalking up four runs in the frame before adding another seven runs in the fourth. Three NCU doubles in quick succession fueled the fourth-inning surge, leaving the Sabercats reeling and down by 12 runs.

A comeback was virtually impossible at that point, but the Sabercats showed signs of heart, scoring three runs through the fifth and sixth innings. Ryan Hempel whacked an RBI triple to center field and was quickly plated off an RBI single from Alex Causey. But the next run - a single from Nate Croswell that brought in David Hecker - would be the last of the game, as the Sabercats' faint hopes of a comeback were soon nullified.


The second game was more of a pitchers' duel than anything else, but the Sabercats still had their chances.

Hempel and Justin Torres fought it out for five innings each, combining for just three earned runs in the contest. North Central scored two in the top of the first before plating two more runners in the fifth. 

The Sabercats were able to produce, but they had trouble translating their runners into runs. MBU stranded seven in the second game of the day - something they will look to improve on for tomorrow's doubleheader.


MBU Batting Order (Game 1) - Hempel (SS), Matheis (2B), Causey (P), Paruch (3B), Cummins (1B), Hecker (CF), Bailey (C), Smith (RF), Westerlund (LF)

MBU Batting Order (Game 2) - Hempel (P), Matheis (LF), Causey (SS), Paruch (3B), Cummins (1B), Smith (RF), Bailey (C), Hecker (CF), Croswell (2B)


  • The Rams are members of the NCCAA and the NCAA DIII
  • NCU competes in the UMAC and has yet to begin conference play
  • North Central began their games March 4 with a five-game week at the Tucson (Ariz.) Invitational


The Sabercats will conclude this four-game homestand with a 12:00 p.m. doubleheader with North Central tomorrow. Follow at

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