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Sports: Men's and Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Volleyball

Built in 1968 with the floor refurbished in 2014, the main gymnasium hosts Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, and Volleyball. You can find the MBU Crazies "Getting loud, getting CRAZIE" in the southwest corner of the gymnasium. Address: 745 West Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094 (click here for directions in Google maps)


Sports: Men's and Women's Soccer

The soccer field has been the home ground for Men's and Women's soccer for nearly 30 years. New goals were added in 2016. Address: 745 West Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094 (click here for directions in Google maps)


Sports: Baseball

Fred Merkle Field at Washington Park is the home field of Maranatha Baseball. The field is in the charge of the Watertown Park and Recreation Department. Field address: 635 S 12th St, Watertown, WI 53094 (click here for directions in Google maps)


Sports: Men's and Women's Cross Country, Softball

Brandt-Quirk is one of Watertown's premier parks, and is host to Maranatha Softball and the better part of the Sabercats' home cross country course. Park address: 800 Carriage Hill Drive, Watertown, WI 53098 (click here for directions in Google maps)