Dr. John Goetsch

Inducted September 2, 2005

In recognition of his accomplishments on the field of competition as a Maranatha Crusader (1970-74) and off the field as a defender of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For his dedication to and love of Maranatha athletes and athletic competition.

As an outstanding intercollegiate athlete in the early years of Maranatha, Dr. Goestch exemplified the spirit, enthusiasm, dedication and work ethic that Maranatha desires to instill in all athletes. As a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dr. Goetsch continues to manifest these qualities as he ministers to countless students, athletes, and adults, impacting their lives for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Goetsch's legacy and testimony both on and off the field of competition shall ever remain as a testament to the Lord Jesus Christ and to Maranatha Athletics.