Mr. Roy Callan


August 25,2017

In recognition of his accomplishments on the field as a Maranatha Crusader (1972-76), and off the field as a Christian educator, coach, and father; and for his dedication to our Maranatha athletes and athletic competition.

As a student-athlete, Roy Callan competed in all three seasons and was the first MBBC Crusader to receive twelve varsity letters (soccer, wrestling, and baseball). Callan was selected as a captain in all three sports, exemplifying the spirit, enthusiasm, and work ethic that Maranatha Baptist University desires to instill in all its athletes.

Roy accumulated an impressive 87-21-2 personal record in wrestling and started every soccer game for four seasons.

Roy Callan has spent forty-one years teaching and coaching in Christian education, influencing the lives of countless young men, instilling theses same qualities in others as he continues to minister in the local church for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Roy Callan’s legacy and testimony, both on and off the court of competition, shall ever remain as a testament to the Lord Jesus Christ and to Maranatha Baptist University athletics