More History Made

More History Made

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- For the first time in the history of the program, Maranatha Women's Volleyball has had four student-athletes in the same season named NCCAA DII All-Americans.

Mattie Bumpus, Claire Hansel, Emily Johnson, and Caitrin Kemlo all went from All-Region to All-American after the NCCAA DII committee completed the voting process, and each one of them deserves every bit of the recognition.

Hansel leads the way by earning the DII National Player of the Year and subsequent first-team honors. You can read more about Hansel's season and career accolades, as well as the program award history here.

Mattie Bumpus earns the first honor of her three-year career, being selected to the first team. The junior captain has had to stay patient, earning moderate playing time in her first two seasons behind some upperclassmen standouts. Bumpus has been preparing the whole time and she hasn't missed a beat. Just this season, Bumpus has shown leadership off the court and on, registering 144 kills, 39 digs, and 59 blocks. Her offensive and defensive presence make her a standout.

Emily Johnson becomes the first freshman to earn first-team honors since Laci (Peterson) Gorski in 2011. Emily has made it easy for the Sabercats' hitters this season, as she has been primarily responsible for fueling a .256 attack percentage for Maranatha this season - the best mark in NCCAA DII. Johnson has dished out 587 assists already, averaging almost nine assists per set.

Caitrin Kemlo earns second-team honors, and it's the first time in her career that she has earned an All-American title. Kemlo has a similar story to Bumpus, as she steadily improved before becoming a mainstay starter in 2020. Kemlo has compiled 118 kills, 43 digs, and 22 blocks in 2020, and she will be looking to build on that during the season finale.


Besides being the first time in history that Maranatha has landed four All-Americans in the same season, it's the first time since 1993 that they have landed three to the first-team selections. In 1993, Chelle Hogsett, Julie Hon, and Cathy LeTourneau earned the highest honor that the NCCAA has to give.

For more on the NCCAA, click here.

For a complete list of Maranatha All-Americans, click here.

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