Nationals In Focus

Nationals In Focus

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Tomorrow signals the start of the 2020 NCCAA DII Women's Soccer National Tournament, and the Sabercats have the honor of the #1 seed for the tournament.

The Sabercats open play against #4 Toccoa Falls College at 12:00 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, November 19 in the National Semifinal. The winner advances to the 3:00 p.m. Eastern final on Saturday, November 21.

Below is a closer look at the field for the upcoming tournament, which will be held at Austin-Tindall Regional Park in Kissimmee, Florida, November 19-21:


Seed                         Location          Qualifying Method     Record     NCCAA Power Rating  
#1 Maranatha Watertown, Wis. North Champion 4-5-1 3.042
#2 Johnson  Knoxville, Tenn.    Mideast Champion 4-5-0 0.984
#3 Randall Moore, Okla. Southwest Champion 3-1-0 N/A
#4 Toccoa Falls Toccoa Falls, Ga. South Champion 2-8-0 -0.175



#1 Maranatha earns the top seed but they're the new kids on the block, as it were. The Sabercats haven't been to the tournament since 2016, so they are looking to announce their arrival in the most emphatic way possible, and then back that up with a championship banner. 

#2 Johnson surprised Grace Christian to win the Mideast Region, so any team that throws off the top-ranked team in the country during the regular season is automatically considered a "dark horse" in any tournament. The Royals beat #4 Toccoa Falls twice during the regular season, so they have proven themselves against nationals-level competition.

#3 Randall is no stranger to the tournament, as they have qualified for every tournament since 2015. Of anyone in the field, Randall is the most experienced at the national level and will be looking to conquer the crown that has evaded them at every attempt.

#4 Toccoa Falls hasn't played a game since October 26. The Screaming Eagles may hold the worst record and the worst seeding in the tournament, but don't let that fool you. TFC boasted a rigorous NCCAA schedule during the regular season, taking on Division II and Division I opponents alike. The Screaming Eagles are tested, hungry, and set to capitalize on their first national-tournament appearance since 2010.







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