The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

JOPLIN, Mo. -- The 2020 NCCAA DII National Cross Country Championships are tomorrow, and with all the work that the Maranatha teams have done this season, they have earned the confidence of expecting big things - maybe even a bit of history.


The Maranatha Men's Cross Country team is slated to challenge Bob Jones University for the national title, and the Maranatha Women's Cross Country team is optimistic about a national-runner-up finish. 

On an individual level, Jeremy Fopma is poised to make even more history by becoming the first-ever Division II runner on record to win the overall race and beat all runners from Division I and Division II. His PR of 25:04 is a minute and 43 seconds faster than the next-fastest DII time, and it is just five seconds off of the fastest time this season from a DI runner.

On the women's side, Abigail Doak will be gunning for at least a top-five finish, as her PR of 19:59 stands as the third-fastest time in DII this season - just 30 seconds behind the projected DII winner.


Here's a brief overview of the field that is expected to lace it up on a team or individual level at Seneca Cross Country Course:

 Rank  School                       Location   Best Time   2019 Finish
1 Bob Jones Greenville, S.C.    2:16:10 Champion
2 Maranatha Watertown, Wis. 2:21:36 4th
3 Alice Lloyd Pippa Passes, Ky. 2:23:53 5th
4 Ozark Christian Joplin, Mo. 2:32:49 Runner-Up
5 Kansas Christian Overland Park, Kan.  2:47:54 3rd
- Faith Baptist Ankeny, Iowa - -
- Grace Christian Wyoming, Mich. - -
- Oak Hills Christian Bemidji, Minn. - -
- Welch Nashville, Tenn. - -

(Only teams that have met the team qualifying time are eligible for the rankings)

Click here for more information on the Men's DII National Championship



Below is the field for the women:

 Rank  School                       Location   Best Time   2019 Finish
1 Bob Jones Greenville, S.C.    2:16:10 Runner-Up
2 Alice Lloyd Pippa Passes, Ky. 1:50:56 3rd
3 Maranatha Watertown, Wis. 1:55:32 6th
4 Ozark Christian Joplin, Mo. 2:02:11 5th
- Faith Baptist Ankeny, Iowa - -
- Grace Christian Wyoming, Mich. - 4th
- Kansas Christian Overland Park, Kan.  - -
- Moody Bible Chicago, Ill. - Champion
- Trinity Bible Ellendale, N.D. - -
- Welch Nashville, Tenn. - -

(Only teams that have met the team qualifying time are eligible for the rankings)

Click here for more information on the Women's DII National Championship 



Seneca Cross Country Course is similar in its terrain and sloping to what the Sabercats have been training on all season long.

The course is fast. The stage is set. The stakes are high. And the two teams couldn't be more eager to make some noise on the national stage.

"We're really confident in the training we've put in," said Jeremy Fopma. "We know we can challenge [Bob Jones University] and so we're gearing up for the race."

"[We're] definitely excited, but nervous because we know we can do great things," said Katie Jean Lingle. "We know with a lot of hard work, we can get second. The only thing we want to make sure we do is to run to honor God, and that each runner runs the best race they can. Definitely a few of us are looking to set PRs."

"What makes me confident going into the weekend is the results from our last two meets and all of the hard work that everyone has put in," said head coach Isaiah Steinbart. "I believe that they are ready to compete at Nationals."


For other information on the races, visit

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