The Best in the North

The Best in the North

WATERTOWN, Wis. -- Fifteen Sabercats - 13 student-athletes and two coaches - have been voted as the best in the North by North Region participants.

The awards were determined by a vote of the regional coaches and were announced at the various regional banquets, which took place last night and this morning. 

Outstanding awards went to Claire Hansel and Alexis Sponable (North Region Players of the Year) while Regina DeLozier and Jeff Pill (Men's Soccer) were named as the North Region Coaches of the Year.

Sponable earned the North Region MVP honor in 2018 and Hansel marks her third consecutive 1st-Team honor with her first career Player of the Year award.

Below is a breakdown of the awards:

Name                    Sport   Selection                  Notes                  
Mattie Bumpus   WVB 1st Team *
Regina DeLozier WVB Coach of the Year 2019
Claire Hansel WVB Player of the Year Three-time 1st-Team selection
Braeden Hansel MSOC 1st Team *
Emily Johnson WVB 1st Team *
Caitrin Kemlo WVB 1st Team *
Tim Kinzler MSOC 1st Team  2019 1st-Team selection
Amy Montgomery   WSOC 1st Team 2019 1st-Team selection
Taylor Moses WSOC 1st Team *
Stephen Roer MSOC 1st Team *
Alexis Sponable WSOC Player of the Year Three-time 1st-Team selection  
Zeke Steuerwald MSOC 1st Team Three-time 1st-Team selection    
Erica Ureke WVB 2nd Team *
Trisha Wright WSOC 1st Team *

* denotes first career regional selection

Each student-athlete that received a 1st-Team selection is eligible for an All-American selection, which is decided by the coaches at the upcoming NCCAA DII national tournaments.

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