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After Day One

After Day One

WATERTOWN, Wis. -- Faith Baptist Bible College has won the opening game of the 2020 North Region Tournament, positioning themselves to win the region outright with a win tomorrow. Maranatha now relies on Moody to win tomorrow - that's the only result that can keep Maranatha alive.

Here are the updated standings and the possible scenarios based on tomorrow's result:


Team           W-L-T   PTS   GF   GA  +/-
Faith 1-0-0 3 1 0 +1
Maranatha 0-1-0 0 0 1 -1
Moody - - - - -

PTS: Points, GF: Goals For, GA: Goals Against


If Faith wins tomorrow, they win the region outright.

If Faith and Moody tie tomorrow, only Faith and Moody can win the region. Moody would then have to beat Maranatha on Saturday, and it would come down to the tiebreakers (below).

If Moody wins tomorrow, only then is Maranatha still alive. Maranatha would then have to beat Moody on Saturday, and it would come down to the tiebreakers.


Teams are awarded three points for a win, one point for a tie, and zero for a loss. The team that has the most points at the end of the weekend will advance to NCCAA Nationals.

In the event of a tie in total points at the end of the tournament, the following will be used as tie-breakers, in this order:

1) Tournament goal difference

Goal difference is a simple equation of goals scored minus goals allowed. There is no floor or ceiling on the goal differential for each game, so a 6-0 win results in a +6 goal difference for the winner and a -6 goal difference for the loser.

2) Tournament goals against

This is cumulative. If the head-to-head results between the tied teams is itself a tie, and the two teams won their other game by the same margin, the team with fewer goals allowed wins the region.

3) Tournament goals scored

This is also cumulative. Each team combines its two-game total for goals scored.

4) Tournament shutouts

A shutout is when you prevent your opponent from scoring a goal in a game. If the tournament is decided by the fifth tiebreaker, the team with more shutouts wins the region.

5) Power Rating

The final tiebreaker applies to Maranatha and Faith only. If a winner can't be decided in tiebreakers 1-4, then the team with the highest power rating wins the region. Since Moody did not participate during the regular season, the final tiebreaker - should it apply to Moody - eliminates them from the tournament automatically.


All three teams still have a chance at winning. But at this point, Maranatha is relying on Moody to win tomorrow. That's the only result that can keep Maranatha alive.