Nostalgia and "Normality"

Nostalgia and "Normality"

WATERTOWN, Wis. -- After five months of no intercollegiate competition, the Maranatha community finally enjoyed a day that seemed normal.

At least, it was as close to normal as it could've been. 

The Alumni Day games are technically scrimmages, but in the context of 2020, they felt like a lot more than that. Finally, the Sabercats had a chance to continue a normal preseason, and the Alumni teams had a chance to relive the nostalgia of their days in the Blue and Gold.

WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL (Alumnae 3-2 Sabercats)

A star-studded Alumnae squad took home a 3-2 win in the scrimmage after falling behind 2-0 in sets. The comeback was fitting, as the squad included a host of All-Americans and recent graduates alike:

2020 Alumnae: WVB    Notes                    
Julie Allweil  
Allyson Brimer* 2020 Graduate
Gabby Carpenter* 2020 Graduate, AD3I 1st-Team Selection
Danielle Coleman  
Karley Hockema* 2x National Champion 
Kelsey Johnson* NCCAA DII Player of the Year/2x National Champion 
Emily Mowry NCCAA GP4L Award: Women's Volleyball
Torey Rosen Multiple (link)
Stacy Rueb* 2xNCCAA DII 1st-Team All-American
Erin Steuerwald  
Jessica Ureke* 2020 Graduate, AD3I 1st-Team Selection

*Member of NCCAA DII national championship team


WOMEN'S SOCCER (Alumnae 2-6 Sabercats)

The Women's Soccer scrimmage was a goal-fest, as eight shots found the back of the net. Alexis Sponable netted four times while Kseniya Hassenplug and Makayla Willette each pitched in a goal for the 2020 Sabercats.

On the Alumnae side, Alyssa Wright and Ali Hernandez notched the goals, as a shorthanded group rounded out their squad with some help from the current team:

2020 Alumnae: WSOC  Notes                                                                    
Julie Allweil NCCAA DII 1st-Team All-American
Jess Borchardt  
Bethany Chesky  
Ali Hernandez Only 4-time NCCAA All-American in the program
Lindsay Hodgs Former assistant coach
Audrey Knoedler Multiple (link)
Leah Ng  
Nina Riley 2020 Graduate
Alyssa Wright Current assistant coach


MEN'S SOCCER (Alumni 0-0 Sabercats)

The Men's Soccer scrimmage was a stalemate. The teams settled things with an informal penalty-kick shootout at the end of the game, and the 2020 Sabercats took a 3-1 win after penalty-kick conversions from Braeden Hansel, Kyle Cummins, and Zeke Steuerwald.

2020 Alumni: MSOC     Notes                                                                    
Taylor Dafoe 2020 Graduate
Austin DeAngelo 2020 Graduate  
Drew DeLozier* 3x NCCAA All-American
Caleb Hockema 2020 Graduate  
Josh Knoedler*  
Charlie Leeds* NCCAA 2nd-Team All-American
Nate Lyle NCCAA 2nd-Team All-American  
Kyler Mowry*  
Taylor Pill* 3x NCCAA All-American  
Kevin Risma 2020 Graduate  
Matt Sheeley*  
Andy Taylor NCCAA National GP4L Award
John Teasdale  
Steven Thompson*  
Peter Wright MBU Alumni Director, Father of Joshua Wright
John Zockoll  

*Member of 2014 NCCAA DII national championship team


For the collegiate teams, the 2020 season begins this weekend and will feature only non-NCAA DIII opponents. To stay current on the teams this year, visit

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