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Updated: 8/12/2020

WATERTOWN, Wis. — With preseason beginning this week, this page serves as a reference point regarding COVID-19 questions pertaining to Maranatha Athletics. We're aware that the requirements, recommendations, and policies regarding COVID-19 can change on a weekly basis, and so the following answers may change. Please check back at this page for updates.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions:



Will there be any sports during the fall semester?

Yes. All fall teams will begin practice upon return to campus and adherence to resocialization protocols. We are constantly communicating with our fellow competitors and will keep our schedules up to date.

How will teams practice, compete, and meet safely? 

Based on the federal, state, and campus guidelines that we have in place today, Maranatha teams will be permitted to practice. 

Will student-athletes have to wear masks?

The Governor of Wisconsin has issued an order requiring face masks to be worn indoors with limited exceptions. We are following institutional guidelines outlined by our Campus Health Task Force.

Should student-athletes report to practices or games if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

No. They should talk to the Student Health Supervisor for instructions. The Student Health Supervisor will clear them for participation.

Will winter and spring sports compete this year? 

The winter teams will begin practicing in the fall. We anticipate competitions beginning later this fall. Spring teams will also have the opportunity to meet and practice in the fall.

Will student-athletes use a year of eligibility? 

The NCAA has put two waivers in place to preserve the eligibility and clock of student-athletes:

Season-of-participation waivers. Approved a blanket waiver permitting student-athletes whose teams complete 50% or less of the sport's maximum contests/dates of competition during the 2020-21 season, due to the impact of COVID-19, to receive a season-of-participation waiver -- participation while eligible. Student-athletes whose teams complete more than 50% of the sport's maximum contests/dates of competition during the 2020-21 season would not be eligible for the blanket waiver regardless of whether the student-athlete competed in 50% or less of the season. The current waiver criteria for individual cases would remain unchanged. 

Eligibility extension. Approved a blanket waiver permitting student-athletes to receive a two-semester/three-quarter extension of eligibility if the following conditions are met: The student-athlete was unable to participate in their sport during the 2020-21 academic year was due to COVID-19, or the student-athlete's teams completed 50% or less of the sport's maximum contests/dates of competition during the 2020-21 season due to the ongoing impact from COVID-19. 

The NCCAA has announced a similar policy: NCCAA WAIVER 

When will student-athletes arrive on campus?

The student-athletes will arrive on two different dates: August 18 (by invitation only) and August 25.

How much contact will coaches have with student-athletes? 

Godly mentoring and skilled training have always been central to the Maranatha Athletics mission, and both require coaches to have contact with student-athletes. All practices and training sessions will follow the recommended guidelines. 

What facilities will be open for use?

All facilities will be open and maximized, but numbers and times will be restricted in order to prioritize the student-athletes, social distancing, and strict cleaning protocols.

Will the varsity locker rooms and facilities be made available for student-athletes?

Student-athletes will have limited access to locker rooms in an effort to mitigate the risk of potential transmission. 

Will the athletic training clinic be open and will student-athletes still be able to receive treatment and rehabilitation from the athletic training staff?

The athletic training staff will continue to treat student-athletes while adhering to current guidelines.

Do student-athletes still need to register for preseason and complete relevant paperwork?

Yes. Student-athletes must register for preseason and complete the necessary paperwork. Please contact with questions.

Are freshmen (and student-athletes using their first year of eligibility) still required to have a physical within 6 months of their start date?

The 6-month physical rule per NCAA ByLaw 17.1.5 is still in effect. 

Are there certain medical conditions in relation to COVID-19 that might preclude me from participating in organized athletic activity?

According to the CDC, there are certain medical conditions that can place an individual at a greater risk for severe illness if they contract the virus. A few examples of these medical conditions include cancer, COPD, asthma, obesity, sickle cell disease, diabetes, and certain heart conditions.

If you have any of these medical conditions, please contact Head Athletic Trainer, Zach Sweatman prior to your arrival on campus.

Will teams be allowed to travel off-campus for games? 

Teams will be permitted to travel off-campus for games if deemed safe and as state legislature allows. 

Will fans be allowed at competitions this fall?

Spectators will be permitted at competitions and the recommended guidelines will be followed. Every attempt will be made by Athletic Communications to broadcast all competitions.