Thompson Named NCCAA President

Thompson Named NCCAA President

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- The National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) has named Maranatha Athletic Director and Head Softball Coach, Rob Thompson, as NCCAA President until 2023.

Thompson will remain in his role as Maranatha's AD and Head Softball Coach while adding the role of President to his list of current responsibilities.

Thompson has served as a Vice President of the NCCAA since 2014, and he will now serve the entire NCCAA (Division I and Division II) under the leadership of NCCAA Executive Director Dan Wood. Besides serving as the association's vice president, Thompson has been the NCCAA Midwest/North Region Coordinator since 2010, and he has served on numerous ad hoc committees. 

"I'm honored and humbled to begin [the tenure]," Thompson said, "I'm thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and those who have impacted me."

Thompson aims to make the NCCAA applicable and relevant on campuses across the country. His goal is to solidify membership during a very difficult 2020 as he works to engage athletic administrators - a role that he knows from over 17 years of experience.

"Maranatha's athletic history in the NCCAA allows me to share what participation in NCCAA tournaments means to our student-athletes," Thompson said. "[The team experience brings] memories and relationships that last a lifetime."

Thompson is certainly no stranger to the NCCAA, and he steps into the role of president to bring stability during a year that has been anything but.

"So many people had visions of their 2020 new year's resolutions and opportunities," Thompson said. "What goals and milestones they envisioned, and for those of us in athletics, what championships might be won. It is ironic that our clear '2020 Vision' at the turn of the calendar is now so unclear.

"Certainly, the most impactful event since 9/11 is the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact made on our daily life and activities, on our families, campuses, communities, and around the world. Though the higher education landscape is changing and the athletic component of that landscape is changing, we have a Savior who never changes."

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