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Maranatha Announces Addition to Athletics Visual Identity

Maranatha Announces Addition to Athletics Visual Identity

WATERTOWN, Wis. -- Maranatha Baptist University announced today an addition to the Sabercats visual identity, adding both a new angle for the Sabercat 'B. Snarly' logos and an Athletics 'M'. 

The new 'M' is specific to the Athletic Department, connecting the Sabercats brand to the greater Maranatha Baptist University brand while not replacing the 'M' shield logo that represents MBU. The Athletics 'M' identifies the athletic teams with Maranatha, honoring the storied success of its programs while introducing a bold visual identity for the next generation of student-athletes. The new angle for the 'B. Snarly' Sabercat logo provides a more commanding, 'head-on' look.

Both logos refresh and refine the Sabercats brand, which approaches its seventh year of representing Maranatha athletics.

"We first rolled out the new Sabercats logo and mascot in 2014, and B. Snarly has been much loved ever since," said Maranatha CEO, Dr. Matt Davis. "These new visuals build on that foundation and the excitement of Sabercats Athletics."

The characteristics of the new Athletics 'M' directly align with the existing Sabercats brand and the core values of the University - all while capturing an intense identity, a fierce design, and competitive energy. The strong, stable layout coincides with Maranatha's core values of Integrity and Leadership, and the curved edges represent the sine qua non of the Sabercat: the teeth.

Representing the name 'Maranatha' in the athletics branding complements the institution's core value of Unity, focusing on one element of the institution that will never change: the name 'Maranatha'.

"The new 'M' gives Maranatha Athletics a distinct mark, but it ties in perfectly with the institution's overall brand identity," Davis said. "This underscores the reality that we are 'One Maranatha' and unified in purpose and mission. Athletic competition provides a primary mechanism whereby we accomplish our mission of leadership development for life and ministry to the glory of God. Regardless of the nickname, our teams have always competed under the banner of 'Maranatha' and the dominant 'M' logo will tangibly signify that connection."

"We're excited to have a fresh appearance to the Sabercats logo, and to add the new ‘M’ to the mix," said Maranatha Director of Athletics Rob Thompson. "We continue to reshape our future, and we desire to stay current with our branding efforts with up-to-date logos, apparel, social media, and website presence. The importance of a collaborative work effort between our Athletic and Communications Departments is essential for a professional, meaningful, and well-balanced approach in marketing Maranatha to prospective student-athletes, current student-athletes, alumni, parents, and the general public. This allows for continued growth in our identity and branding capabilities.”

Maranatha partnered with Georgia-based Fierce Strategy + Creative to add the logos. Fierce installed the original logos for the rebranding of 'Maranatha Baptist University' and 'Sabercats' back in 2014.

The announcement coincides with the rebuilding of the Maranatha gymnasium floor, which is scheduled to take place this summer.

To view the new branding package, click here.