85 Sabercats Tabbed with Institutional Academic Listing

85 Sabercats Tabbed with Institutional Academic Listing

Watertown, Wis. -- Eighty-Five Student-Athletes have been named to the President's List or the Dean's List at Maranatha Baptist University during the 2016-17 spring semester. To qualify for each list, students must meet rigorous academic standards set by the Institution. 

"It is a great honor to have so many of our student-athletes recognized for their academic achievements," stated MBU Athletic Director Rob Thompson. "It is our desire that our student-athletes strive for excellence both on and off the field or court of competition, and this is evidence that they are succeeding in that endeavor."

A total of 23 Student-Athletes were named to the President's List for the semester. In order to make the President's List, students must record at least an A- in every class while taking 12 or more course credits. These students have met that requirement with no incomplete classes or over-cut classes. Students on the Dean's List took 12 or more semester hours and had no C's, D's, F's, incompletes, or overcuts:


  President's List Spring 2016-17  
Name Sport Major
Maisy Alldredge  Women's Basketball, Softball Physical Education and Health
Nathan Campbell Men's Soccer Business Management 
Brett Cournoyer Men's Soccer Biblical Studies
Jonathan Downs Football Biology-General
Matthew Gill Men's Basketball Biblical Counseling
Ethan Gillespie Men's Cross Country Biology-Pre-Medical
Emilee Hansel Women's Basketball English Education
Madelyn Hansel Women's Cross Country Criminal Justice
Ethan Hoffman Football Business Management
Karley Johnson Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball Elementary Teacher Education
Kelsey Johnson Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball Business Management 
Janae Jorgensen Women's Soccer, Softball Physical Education and Health
Rachel Kibler Women's Soccer Accounting (CPA)
Daniel Kroll Men's Soccer Biology-General
Adam Love Men's Basketball Mathematics Education 
Hannah McCutcheon Women's Soccer Associate of Applied Science 
Tyler Nelson Men's Soccer Humanities-Applied Science 
Cameron Rankin Men's Cross Country Pastoral Studies 
Kim Richerson Women's Cross Country Early Childhood Education 
Trevor Schmidt Football Business Management 
Casandra Taylor Women's Soccer Biology-General 
Hannah Wells Women's Basketball Elementary Teacher Education 
Rachel Wells Women's Volleyball Elementary Teacher Education 
Alyssa Wright Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball Business Management 
  Dean's List Spring 2016-17  
Mitchell Allen Baseball Mathematics Education
Tobi Altizer Football Biblical Studies 
Justin Blake Men's Basketball Biology-Pre-Medical 
Lana Bruck Women's Cross Country Elementary Teacher Education 
Brendan Burckart Men's Soccer Accounting (CPA) 
Gabrielle Carpenter Women's Volleyball Science Education 
Jessica Christensen Softball Business Management 
Alison (Renz) Crum Women's Volleyball Biology-Pre-Medical 
Austin DeAngelo Men's Soccer Biology-General
Kelly Dyck Softball Nursing 
Luke Fell Football Business Management 
Kim Grogan Women's Soccer Mathematics Education 
Alexis Herbert Women's Soccer Nursing 
Caleb Hockema Men's Soccer Youth Ministries 
Katelyn Hockema Softball History Education 
Caleb Huthmaker Baseball Pastoral Studies 
Alexis Johnson Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball Early Childhood Education 
Abby Jones Women's Volleyball Business Management 
Titus Juvinall Men's Cross Country Pastoral Studies 
Elijah Kazarovich Football Biology-General 
Robert Kile Men's Cross Country Youth Ministries 
Tim Kile Men's Cross Country Music Education-Instrumental 
Teddy Kincaid Men's Soccer Physical Education and Health
Audrey (Risma) Knoedler Women's Soccer Humanities-Applied Science 
Tina Kolinski Softball Business Management 
Josh Kruit Men's Cross Country Business Management 
Timothy Lacock Football Pastoral Studies 
J.B. Lamgo Football Pastoral Studies 
Keri Lundquist Women's Soccer Social Studies Education 
Rory Massey Men's Cross Country Pastoral Studies 
Elijah May Baseball Physical Education and Health 
Amy Miller Softball Communication Arts 
Shari Moore Women's Soccer Elementary Teacher Education 
Clayton Morrison Football, Men's Basketball Business Management 
Leah Ng Women's Soccer Business Management 
Arthur Nutzhorn Men's Cross Country Accounting (CPA) 
Matthew Nutzhorn Men's Cross Country Biblical Studies 
Mercy Payne Women's Soccer Early Childhood Education 
Megan Rediske Women's Volleyball Missions 
Kevin Risma Men's Soccer, Men's Basketball Youth Ministries 
Clint Saxon Football Biblical Studies 
Ben Schulz Football Business Management 
Megan Sieger Softball Nursing 
Rob Sonnenberg Men's Basketball Youth Ministries 
Asa St. Lawrence Men's Soccer Biblical Studies 
Zach Starnes Football Business Management 
Devon Steuerwald Football Business Management 
Andrew Taylor Men's Soccer Business Management 
Madeline Thompson Women's Volleyball Nursing 
Steven Thompson Men's Soccer Pastoral Studies 
Michaela Trail Softball Physical Education and Health 
Sarah Vander Pluym Women's Cross Country Nursing 
Amanda Walton Women's Soccer Biology-Pre-Medical 
Alicyn Wigdal Women's Cross Country Biblical Studies 
Lauryn Wigdal Women's Cross Country Biblical Counseling 
John Zockoll Men's Soccer Biology-Pre-Medical 
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