Coach Mo: a Silver Celebration

Coach Mo: a Silver Celebration

WATERTOWN, Wis. -- Three national championships. Almost 300 career wins. Twice an NCCAA National Coach of the Year. Numerous lives impacted. It's safe to say that "Coach Mo" has accomplished much in 25 years.

This afternoon, the Sabercats will face Great Lakes Christian College on Parents' Day. Adding to the celebration of the seniors and the parents and family of the players is the recognition of Coach Clayton Morrison ("Coach Mo"), who has undertaken his 25th year at the helm of Maranatha Women's Basketball.

Coach Mo has made an impact on the Sabercats' play. Since he took over in 1994, Maranatha has won 18 NCCAA regional championships, including the first regional title in program history in 1996.

Over his 25-year stint, Coach Mo's players have received 24 NCCAA DII All-America honors and the 2012-13 national championship team earned a program-best 22-6 record.

"Coach Mo knows basketball," said MBU Athletic Director and Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Rob Thompson. "His ability to understand offensive and defensive sets is remarkable. He has a very high basketball IQ. His ability to make lineup adjustments throughout the season and prepare for the NCCAA tournaments are demonstrated by his 18 NCCAA regional titles and 3 NCCAA national titles.

"We have been privileged over the last 25 years to have Coach Mo on our sidelines, and we look forward to his continued success at MBU."

Not only is Coach Mo's career decorated with success in competition, but he also has made an impact on the players themselves. The two don't always go hand-in-hand.

"Many women have fond memories of their college days because of the commitment and caring attitude of Coach Mo," said Erin Steuerwald, who won two NCCAA DII national championships under Morrison. "Championships, team dinners, van rides in blizzard conditions, unique locker room speeches, and the building of friendships are just a few. The life lessons learned through the hours shared in the gym have helped others go on to show the same commitment and care in their own lives."

"Coach Mo's knowledge of the game, genuine care for his players, and ability to motivate made playing for him a great experience," said Patty Garcia, who was a 2-time NCCAA All-American under Morrison. "Many life skills and good memories have been made under his leadership."


Three NCCAA DII National Championships and countless of practice hours later, Coach Mo and the Sabercats are in the thick of their 2017-18 season. With 25 years of experience behind him, you can be sure that Coach Mo has them headed in the right direction once again.
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Coach Mo: a Silver Celebration
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