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Sabercat Spotlight: Prigge '17 Balances Baseball and Ministry

Sabercat Spotlight: Prigge '17 Balances Baseball and Ministry

WATERTOWN, Wis. --- For senior second baseman Caleb Prigge, playing collegiate baseball was an absolute must.

But the game he loves is just a fraction of his college experience.

Prigge has filled his schedule with a variety of activities besides those on the diamond. His class load, leadership positions, and musical opportunities all help fill a jam-packed schedule.

"Getting involved has been rewarding, but it will look different for every person," Prigge said. "But I think that living intentionally is something that we all can grow towards."

Prigge makes it a regular habit to keep an updated schedule, and with his many responsibilities, doing so is a necessity. "I'll say I'm mostly a person of routine," he noted. "I feel better about my priorities when I have somewhat of a schedule. That helps me track progress and keep the big picture in view."

In the meantime, Prigge makes it a habit of taking his busy life one day at a time.

"Several ideas come to mind to stay on top of things. Something my mom always encouraged me with growing up; she'd say, 'Caleb wherever you are, be all there.' In other words, make it a discipline to engage with whatever God has put in front of you. Live in the moment and enjoy it." Prigge said that he also makes it a discipline to schedule the time to "recharge" each day and to spend time with his own family.

Already, Prigge has involved himself in a variety of ministry roles at his local church, Fellowship Baptist, in Watertown. Prigge's roles include orchestra (trumpet and piano), special music, children's' ministries, and various outreaches. The Watertown resident embodies a collegiate example of the mission of Maranatha Baptist University: "Developing leaders for the local church and the world 'To the Praise of His Glory.'"

Besides his active involvement and service in the local church, the senior has been heavily involved in various leadership roles on campus. Last year, Prigge served as president of the MBU student body after being a part of society leadership for two years. Before that, he used his trumpet, piano, and vocal skills to be a part of the eight-person ensemble called the Heritage Singers; a group which ministers in churches through various kinds of music and outreaches during the summer. On the side, Prigge has sung tenor in Maranatha's Madrigal Choir for four years.

As mentioned previously, Prigge will once again return to be a part of the Heritage Singers this summer, and this time, he will fill the role of team leader - a role that he is embracing.

"Developing a sense of community with this team of eight has been a real privilege and blessing," Prigge said. "Looking forward to a summer of stretching and fulfilling opportunities!"

Oh, and did we mention that besides all of the above, he is a dorm supervisor on campus?

"Caleb does balance multiple leadership responsibilities in a very efficient way," said Sabercats Baseball head coach Gary Garrison. "His perspective is always one of service to others and selflessness. He is an excellent example of one with a servant’s heart. Caleb has an active and visible love for Christ, and his commitment to improving and excelling is peerless on our campus."

Having myriad responsibilities is great, but the way Prigge sees it, simply filling roles on campus is not enough - his roles need to be filled in a way that models Jesus Christ.

"It has been awesome to see The Lord use different situations and people at school to push me in ways that were out of my comfort zone, and challenge me in some serious areas of growth," said Prigge. "Learning to be totally dependent on God, through faith, can be a difficult tension at times, but it is so rewarding. I'm reminded of Paul who wrote, 'For when I am weak, then am I strong.' Dependence is a great place to find yourself in."

Although he is staunchly committed to the game of baseball, the Humanities - Letters major does not foresee baseball being a major part of his career after he finishes undergraduate studies. Rather, Prigge plans to serve God in the local church ministry via a seminary degree and involvement in church planting.

Bridging the gap between baseball and ministry, Prigge was a part of the Sabercats' 2015 missions trip to the Dominican Republic - an experience which Prigge said was a major highlight of his undergraduate experience thus far. According to Garrison, the team was able to share God's Word with hundreds of Dominican baseball players, and 62 salvation decisions were made on the trip.

For Prigge, baseball, his leadership roles, and living out biblical principles cannot be separated. "Coach Garrison has been an example to me in this area. Coach makes it clear that the Lord is the first love in his life. With that in place, the opportunities around baseball really open up as chances to glorify God, using the desires and gifts we've been given. If I really believe that God is at work in me, then I will seek to display God's glory with my gifts. This is what it means to be a living, breathing sacrifice before God."   


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